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Weekend World/Joshua Cantrell

Cluster EP

Cat: WW022
Release: 2nd June 2014
Format: Digital

1: Nighthawks (Violet Club Remix)

2: Nighthawks (Violet Club Dub)

3: Joshua Cantrell - D-Influence

4: Joshua Cantrell - D-Influence (Dub Mix)


Cluster EP

Cat: WW021
Release: 25th November 2013
Format: 12" Vinyl and Digital

1: Cluster (Part 1)

2: Cluster (Part 2)

3: Superstatic

4: Excursions

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The third in a trilogy of Dronelock EPs for Weekend World's 2013 schedule is released on 25th November. With their first EP receiving support from Lucy of Stroboscopic Artefacts (he played 'Corridors' on his CLR Podcast) and their last release gaining a play on Surgeon's Rinse FM show for the track 'In Snow', this new 4-tracker will further display Martin Cartledge and Alexander Church's excellent craftsmanship as they meander through elements of techno and deep electronics.

Heading up the EP are 'cluster Part 1' and 'Part 2' which see the Bradford duo experiment with echoing atmospherics and spooky analogue sounds, firstly laid over the 4/4 beats of Part 1 before launching into the more 2-step sound of Part 2. Both tracks have an almost gentle quietness, that's set off by their pulsating rhythms.

'Superstatic' then drifts into view, gradually buzzing into your ears with waves of shimmering synths and a dappled melody that builds into a crescendo, before stripping it back, ready to start over. Finally punctuated by its unexpected clipped ending.

After the build up of the first 3 tracks, you're now ready for 'Excursions'. A serious techno pounder with a persistent shuffle, its dark bass, yet up-tempo beat will resonate across late night dancefloors.

As with their previous outings this latest EP by Dronelock is another journey through the spectrum of their sound, whether it's experimental electronica, dark industrial soundscapes or tough techno workouts.

You can also catch Dronelock on rotation as part of the specialist music program on Bradford's BCB 106.6FM.


Tomorrow Morning EP

Cat: WW020
Release: 14th October 2013
Format: Digital

1: Tomorrow Morning

2: In Snow

3: Windmills

4: Sonars

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The follow up to Dronelock's recent EP for Weekend World, sees the Bradford duo deliver another striking four-tracker due for release in October on this newly re-launched label.

Dronelock's Martin Cartledge and Alexander Church continue to forge a path of uncompromising techno and experimental soundscapes, which saw their last EP gaining interest and support from a number of the scene's freshest DJs including Adam Jay, DJ Deep, Jonas Kopp, Joseph Capriati, Norman Nodge and Stroboscopic Artefacts' Lucy who featured their 'Corridors' track in his latest mix for Chris Liebing's CLR podcast.

These four new cuts once again display Dronelock's diverse abilities. Although primarily produced on analogue hardware (partly for the means of replication when they play a live show), they blend analogue with digital, organic sounds alongside machine beats, and display so much originality that you're never sure where a track will take you.

Here, they range from the discerning dancefloor pace of 'Tomorrow Morning', via the clang of industrial – whether it's the chopped beats and dark pounding of 'In Snow' or the rotating clamour of 'Windmills', to the ethereal ambient tones of 'Sonars'.

Dronelock are able to add a touch of playfulness alongside their deep basslines, moody techno settings and resonating sonics, so the EP holds your interest throughout.


Corridors EP

Cat: WW019
Release: 19th August 2013
Format: Digital

1: Corridors

2: Flocks

3: Natarja

4: Ribbons

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Weekend World was established in 1999 and released a diverse range of electronic music that captured the attention of many top DJs around the world. The Weekend World sound was a crossover between dance floor orientated music and home listening, which brought the label huge success and saw music licensed to many international compilation, films like “GO” (the US version of “Human Traffic”), remix projects including dance mixes of popular bands on Universal and Sony, as well as music signed to labels like Yoshitoshi.

Weekend World Recordings stopped releasing music in 2006 and since then has been concentrating on other projects that include engineering for other artists and the very addictive world of modular synthesis. In 2012 however, they returned with new releases that still embrace the same ethos and musical structure as before, but with a revitalised new approach to producing and writing music, fusing new and old technology in innovative ways. The label is also concentrating on artist development, working with new and emerging young talent.

Residing in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Dronelock is an exciting collaboration between Martin Cartledge and Alexander Church. Dronelock represents a juxtaposition of opposites; integrating analogue with digital, influence with originality, convention with the unexpected.

Techno provides the perfect sanctuary for their production ideas to manifest. Ambient, ethereal soundscapes meet sustained, cluster of tones. A distillation of ideas captured and expressed through the industrial and synthesized, the organic and the abstract. The tracks are produced primarily on analogue hardware with the sole intention to perform them live. This process allows freedom to experiment with the base level interaction between sound and music - it’s music which is about as far away from music as you can get before it stops being music!

Their new EP is released 19th August on Weekend World Recordings.

Black Leaf

Silver Cycles

Cat: WW018
Release: 24th June 2013
Format: Digital

1: Silver Cycles

2: Silver Cycles (The Violet Club Remix)

3: Silver Cycles (The Violet Club Dub)

4: Silver Cycles (Jay Welsh Remix)

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Following a seven-year hiatus, Northern England's Weekend World Recordings, makes a triumphant return this June, with 'Silver Cycles' by Black Leaf, backed with reworks from The Violet Club and Jay Welsh.

Weekend World was initially birthed in 1999, and through to 2006, built up a highly praised reputation for its dance-floor meets home listening approach to music and tasteful, high caliber releases across the entire spectrum of electronic music. Here in 2013, the label is given a new lease of life, and used as a platform for releasing music from budding young producers and experienced artists alike, embodying the same soundscape and spirit as the music found in the preceding catalogue. Founder Martin Cartledge returns to the imprint here under his newly formed Black Leaf alias, a project tipping its focus towards an organic listening experience, and exploring a much wider array of musical influences than his previous work.

The release opens with the original version of 'Silver Cycles', kicking off with cosseting, emotive string melodies, glitchy synths and drawn-out subby tones. The cut beautifully blossoms in the focal point, introducing more pads, strings and dubbed out piano licks, resulting in a clever and understated piece of work once again from Cartledge.

The Violet Club step up next, offering two interpretations, first up is the 'Club Remix', which embraces a more direct 4/4 approach and dance-floor aesthetic. Things subtly bloom as the track progresses with sporadic drums and percussion creeping in, as swirling and reversed synth softly meander around them. The 'Club Dub Mix' does exactly as expected, stripping back the club vibe and opting for a more soft, ethereal vibe.

Lastly to close the single, the 'Jay Welsh Remix' is turned in, taking on a classic, acidic, broken-beat form. Resonant synth shots drive the weight of the groove, while heavily reverberated snippets of the original's synths build a cavernous atmosphere and intricate filter modulation adds a flourishing dynamic.

Black Leaf's 'Silver Cycles' EP is out on Weekend World Recordings 24th June 2013.